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Sex Pills For Men n the altar become flesh and blood, and in England, in a still more mystical manner, they do and they do not that the Bible is an infallible scientific manual, an accurate historical chronicle, and a complete guide to conduct that we may lie and cheat and murder and then wash ourselves innocent in the blood of the lamb on Sunday at the cost of a credo and a penny in the plate, and so on and so forth. Civilization cannot be saved by peo.ple not only crude enough to believe these things, but irreligious enough to believe that such belief constitutes a religion. The education of children cannot safely be left in their Sex Pills For Men hands. If dwindling sects like the Church of England, the Church of Rome, the Greek Church, and the rest, persist in trying to cramp the human mind within Sex Pills For Men the limits of these Sex Pills For Men grotesque perversions of natural truths and poetic metaphors, then they must be ruthlessly banished from the schools until they either perish in general contempt or discover the soul that is hidden in every dogma. The real Class War will be a war Sex Pills For Men of intellectual classes and its Sex Pills For Men conquest will be the souls of the children. A TOUCHST.ONE FOR DOGMA The te

st of a dogma is its universality. As long as the Church of England Sex Pills For Men preaches a single doctrine that the Brahman, the Buddhist, the Mussulman, the Parsee, and all the other sectarians who are British subjects cannot accept, it has no legitimate place in the counsels nitridex male enhancement pills of the British Commonwealth, Sex Pills For Men and will remain what it is at present, a corrupter of youth, a danger to the State, and an obstruction to the Fellowship Sex Pills For Men of the Holy Ghost. This has never Sex Pills For Men been more strongly felt than at present, after a war in which the Church failed grossly in the courage of its profession, and sold its lilies for the laurels of the soldiers of the Victoria Cross. All the cocks in Christ. endom have been crowing shame on it ever since and it will not online male enhancement be spared for Sex Pills For Men Sex Pills For Men the sake of the two or three the very best male enhancement pill faithful who were found even among the bishops. Let the Church take it on authority, even my authority as a professional legend maker if Sex Pills For Men it cannot see the truth by its own light fck male enhancement no dogma can be a legend. A legend can pass an ethnical frontier as a legend, but not as a truth whilst the only frontier to male enhancement comparison results the currency of a sound dogma as such is the frontier of capacity for und

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erstanding it. This does not mean that we should throw away legend and parable and drama they are the natural vehicles of dogma but woe Sex Pills For Men to the Churches and rulers who substitute the legend for the dogma, the.parable for the history, the drama for the religion Better by far declare the throne of Sex Pills For Men God empty than set a liar and a fool on it. What are called wars Sex Pills For Men of religion are always wars to destroy religion by affirming the historical truth or material substantiality of some legend, and killing those who Sex Pills For Men refuse to accept Sex Pills For Men it as historical or Sex Pills For Men substantial. But who has ever refused to Sex Pills For Men accept a good legend with delight as a legend The legends, the parables, the dramas, are among the choicest treasures of mankind. No one is ever tired of stories of miracles. In vain did Mahomet repudiate the miracles ascribed to him in vain did Christ furiously scold those who asked him to give them an exhibit.ion as a conjurer in vain did the saints declare that God chose them not for their powers but for their weaknesses that the humble might be exalted, and the proud rebuked. People will have their miracles, their stories, their heroes and heroines and sa

ints and martyrs and divinities to exercise their gifts of affection, admiration, wonder, and worship, and their Judases and devils to enable them to be Sex Pills For Men angry and yet feel that they do well to be angry. Every one of these legends is the common heritage Sex Pills For Men of best pill for sex the human race and Sex Pills For Men there is only one inexorable condition attached to their healthy enjoyment, which is that no one shall believe Sex Pills For Men them literally. The pills last longer in bed reading of stories and delightin. g in them made Don Quixote a gentleman the believing them real rhino male enhancement literally made Sex Pills For Men him a madman who slew lambs instead of feeding them. In England today good books of big shot male enhancement reviews Eastern religious legends are read eagerly and Protestants Sex Pills For Men and Atheists read Roman bravado male enhancement pills Catholic legends Sex Pills For Men of the Saints with pleasure. But such fare is shirked by Indians and Roman Catholics. Freethinkers read t