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Penis Enlarger soul unstirred but that no poetry Penis Enlarger of Penis Enlarger modern.times stirs the soul in the same manner as does that of this full natured man. So far, I think, we may acknowledge Whitman s success as a poet, and I am not concerned to urge it further. There are many who do not respond to his writings in the way Penis Enlarger I have indicated, and they naturally refuse him the title. There are others who do, and who accord it to him and I confess I am of the latter. The only American poet who approaches him in sentiment is Emerson. Poems like Each and All, with its motive of the cosmic unity, The perfect Whole, or Brahma, with its reconciling all inclusiveness, are Penis Enlarger very near in thought to Whitman so again is Merlin with its Great is the art, Great Penis Enlarger be the manners of the bard He shall not his brain encumber With the coil of rhyme and number, or Woodnotes God hid the whole world in thy heart or the exclamation When worlds of lovers hem thee in of the Threnody or his Test, when he hangs his verses in the wind. The inspiration of the two men made them akin but it was

far from identical. There are sides of Leaves of Grass which are ab.sent from Emerson s writings, just as there are phases of Emerson s thought which are never Penis Enlarger really touched by number 1 penis enlargement Whitman. But above all, while the works of both breast enhancement pills male information are exhilarating to the soul, the emotional reactions from them are quite distinct. Considering Emerson s influence at the time upon all that was most virile in American penomet video thought, we might feel Penis Enlarger certain that some part at least of his teaching had illuminated Whitman s mind, and there is sufficient evidence in his own writings to prove bella at home teeth whitening it. fast acting extenze 189 He said indeed, that it was Emerson who led him to a spiritual Pg 107 understanding of America, and who finally Penis Enlarger Penis Enlarger brought Penis Enlarger his simmering ideas to the boil. 190 But he also vehemently asserted the independence of Leaves of Grass from any direct Emersonian or other literary influence and in this the internal evidence of his book supports him. It is really Penis Enlarger impossible to confuse the flavours of Whitman and of Emerson. One more comparison, and I will pursue the story. There is

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Penis Enlarger much which Whitman obviously shares with Shelley. Their kinship of inspiration is too signif.icant for Penis Enlarger a passing note, and might well be followed over many pages. The writer of Leaves of Penis Enlarger Grass, and the youthful author of Queen Mab, had drunk at the same fountain of love and wonder. 191 Shelley s Defence of Poetry should be read alongside of the Preface of 1855. In it also you Penis Enlarger will find it stated that the poet lives in the consciousness Penis Enlarger of the whole that he is not to be bound by metrical custom, the distinction between poets and prose writers being but a vulgar error it is sufficient if his periods are harmonious and rhythmical. Poetry is therein discovered as the great instrument of morality, for it exercises and therefore strengthens the imagination, which is the organ of love that Penis Enlarger going out of a man from himself to others, in which morality finds the final expression. Here, as in Whitman s pages, the permanence of poetry is asserted its significance is not to be exhausted by the generation in which it found expression. Poetr

y is the motive power of action and creates utilities. It is the root and blossom Penis Enlarger Penis Enlarger of science and philosophy. Poetry is.the interpenetration of a diviner nature with our own it turns all things to loveliness, and strips off that Penis Enlarger film of top 10 natural male enhancement pills Penis Enlarger use maximus 300 male enhancement strips and wont Penis Enlarger which holds our eyes from the vision of wonder. The great poets are men of supreme virtue and consummate prudence. They are the world s law givers. Pg Penis Enlarger 108 It must be enough for us to have noted performance male enhancement pill review the parallel, which might easily be pressed too Penis Enlarger far. There are regions of thought and expression in which their opposition would, of course, appear even more striking we need not pursue the subject, remembering that much of what they share derives from the influence which we associate with purple rhino male enhancement the works of Rousseau. Whatever our opinion Penis Enlarger of Whitman s astonishing piece of wit and maxx 30 male enhancement reviews wisdom, we cannot be surprised that in some quarters it was received with contemptuous