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Volume Pills the extraordinary display of the heavens the huge meteor, luminous almost as the moon, which fell in Long Island Sound, and the unannounced comet flaring in the north. The autumn was loud with the electoral struggle. The presence of Volume Pills three opposing candidates was not to assure Lincoln s success. The general expectation seems to have leaned towards an electoral tie, none of the candidates polling a Volume Pills majority of the votes and this would have resulted, as on the similar occasion Pg 174 of 1824, in the choice between them being left to the House of Volume Pills Representatives. Upon the result of such choice the slave party was willing to stake its hopes of success anticipating that even though he were the popular candidate, Congress would not select Lincoln, but would put him aside, as it had passed by Jackson in its previous opportunity. But to the consternation of the South, the black Republican rail splitter polled a clear majority over all three antagonists combined. A majority, that is to say, of electoral votes, for the American President is not chosen Volume Pills directly by the people, but by the people Volume Pills s delegates. 329 Each State elec

ts its quota of Presidential electors, chosen not in proportion to the strength of parties in the Volume Pills State, but Volume Pills what is the best ed drug on the market all of them representing the dominant party. 330 Thus it may phytolast male enhancement reviews happen that a candidate, like.Judge Douglas, who polls a large minority of the total popular vote, will receive a mere handful of electoral suffrages, best male enhancement cream 2014 having failed to carry Volume Pills more than one or two States. Lincoln was chosen by 180 votes to Volume Pills 123 and though Douglas s popular poll was two thirds Volume Pills of Lincoln s, and nearly as large as that of the two other candidates combined, his electoral support was only one tenth of the voices against Lincoln. The Republican vote in the country fell short of the combined opposition poll by a million out of a total of less than five million votes. pro plus ultimate male enhancement From the popular point of view, Lincoln was, therefore, in the difficult position of a minority President. The result of the November elections was scarcely made public before a Volume Pills committee of Southern Congressmen issued a manifesto, 331 proclaiming the immediate need for a separate Confederacy of slave holding States, if charger male enhancement the institution upon which their prosperity depended was to be Volume Pills sav

Volume Pills

ed from the machinations of Northern politicians. They audaciously identified both Lincoln and the Republican party with the po.licy of Abolition whereas the choice of Lincoln instead of Seward, the Pg 175 Volume Pills Abolitionist, might in itself have been accepted as sufficient Volume Pills Volume Pills evidence that the North, Volume Pills while determined to preserve the union, was resolute against interference with the internal policy of the South. The Manifesto was followed, on the 20th of December, by the secession of South Carolina, ever since Calhoun s day the leader of revolt against Federal power. Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana promptly joined her. Although Lincoln s election was assured in November, the executive power remained till the beginning of March in the feeble hands of Buchanan, who was the creature of advisers themselves divided in counsel, to the signal advantage of that section which supported the revolt. When, at last, the outgoing President made up his mind to dismiss his secessionist secretary of war, Volume Pills the Cotton State Caucus called a Convention at Montgomery, the picturesque and sleepy old capital of Volume Pills Alabama and this finally

formulated a permanent constitution for the Confederac.y precisely a week after the inauguration of the new President. 332 In the meantime Lincoln could only stand a spectator of the wholly ineffective measures which herbal male enhancement that work within two hours were being taken to frustrate the active aggression of male enhancement cream at walmart the slave power. But towards the end of February he set Volume Pills out dark souls male enhancement pills for Washington. Passing on his way through Indiana and Ohio, he was received male enhancement pills up by an enormous crowd in New York and here Whitman first saw Volume Pills him, not from his favourite seat upon a stage coach, for the streets Volume Pills were too densely packed for traffic, but as one of the thirty or forty thousand silent pedestrian onlookers collected in the city s heart, where now the post office stands. Whitman well knew what the ominous silence, enlarging your penis which greeted that loosely made gaunt figure, concealed 333 and how different was the Volume Pills mood of Volume Pills New York that day from the holiday making good Volume Pills humour with which it was Volume Pills wont to greet the arrival of other illustrious guests. Under the speechlessness lurked a black moody wrath ready to break forth. Pg 176 It was a pleasant afternoon, just twelve months after that other.February day when