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Increase Sperm Volume Every one of these legends is the common heritage of the human race and there is only one inexorable condition attached to their healthy enjoyment, which is that no one shall Increase Sperm Volume Increase Sperm Volume believe them literally. The reading Increase Sperm Volume of stories and delightin.g in them made Don Quixote a gentleman the believing them literally made him a madman who slew lambs instead of feeding them. In England today good books of Eastern religious legends are read eagerly and Protestants and Atheists read Roman Catholic legends of the Increase Sperm Volume Saints with pleasure. But such fare is shirked by Indians and Roman Catholics. Freethinkers read the Bible indeed they seem to be its only readers now except the reluctant parsons at the church lecterns, who communicate their discomfort to the congregation by gargling the words in their throats in an unnatural manner that is as repulsive as it is unintelligible. And this is because the imposition of the legends as literal.truths at once changes them from parables Increase Sperm Volume into falsehoods. The feeling against the Bib

le has become so strong at last that educated people not only refuse to outrage their intellectual consciences by reading the legend of Noah s Ark, with its funny natural male enhancers beginning about the animals and its exquisite end about the birds they will not read even the Increase Sperm Volume chronicles of King David, which may very well be true, and are certainly more candid than the official biographies of our contemporary monarchs. WHAT TO DO WITH THE LEGENDS What we should do, then, is to pool our legends and Increase Sperm Volume Increase Sperm Volume make a delightful stock of sizegenetics real review religious folk lore on thai male enhancement an honest basis for all mankind. With our minds Increase Sperm Volume freed from pretence and. falsehood we could enter into the heritage of all the faiths. China would share her sages with Spain, and Spain her saints with China. Increase Sperm Volume The Ulster man who now gives his how much is alpha male enhancement son an unmerciful thrashing if the boy is so tactless as to ask how the evening and the morning could be the first day best testosterone booster ingredients before the sun was created, or to betray an Increase Sperm Volume innocent calf love for the Virgin Mary, would buy him a bookful of legends of th

Increase Sperm Volume

e creation and of mothers of God from all parts of the world, and be very glad to find his laddie as interested in such things as in marbles or Police and Robbers. That would be better than beating all good feeling towards religion out of the child, and blackening his mind by te.aching him Increase Sperm Volume that the worshippers of the holy virgins, whether of the Parthenon or St Peter Increase Sperm Volume s, are fire doomed heathens and idolaters. All the sweetness of religion is conveyed to the world by the hands of storytellers and image makers. Without their fictions the truths of religion Increase Sperm Volume would for the multitude be neither intelligible nor even apprehensible and the prophets would prophesy and the teachers teach in vain. And nothing stands between the people and the fictions except the silly falsehood that the fictions are literal truths, and that there is nothing in Increase Sperm Volume religion but fiction. A LESSON Increase Sperm Volume FROM SCIENCE TO THE CHURCHES Let the Churches ask themselves Increase Sperm Volume why there is no revolt against th.e dogmas of mathematics though there is on

e against the dogmas Increase Sperm Volume Increase Sperm Volume of religion. It is not that the mathematical dogmas are more comprehensible. The law of inverse squares is as incomprehensible to the common man as the Athanasian creed. It is Increase Sperm Volume what do male enhancement pills do not that science is free from legends, witchcraft, miracles, biographic boostings of quacks as heroes and saints, and of barren scoundrels as explorers and discoverers. On the contrary, the iconography and hagiology of bathmate sizing Scientism are mental performance supplements me72 male enhancement as copious as they are mostly squalid. But no student Increase Sperm Volume of science has yet been taught that specific gravity consists in the belief that Archimedes vitamins for brain memory and concentration jumped out of his bath and ran naked through the streets of Syracuse sho. uting Eureka, Eureka, or that the law of inverse squares must be discarded if anyone can prove that Increase Sperm Volume Newton was never in an orchard in his life. When some unusually conscientious or enterprising bacteriologist reads the pamphlets of Jenner, and discovers that they might have been written by an ignorant Increase Sperm Volume but curious and observant nurserymaid, and could not possibly h