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Best Sex Drugs ound. An Indian gave even a handful of gold for one of the toys, and then bounded away, fearing that the stranger might repent having parted so cheaply with such an inestimable a treasure. The shipwrecked Spaniards, delighted with their idle life on, expressed their wish to remain Best Sex Drugs on the island. This, with the friendly behaviour of the natives, induced Columbus to agree to their proposal. He considered that they might explore the island, learn the language and manners of the natives, and procure by traffic a large amount of gold. He resolved also to build a fortress for their defence, to be armed with the guns saved from the wreck. With his usual promptness he had the work commenced. When Guacanagari heard that some of the Spaniards were Best Sex Drugs to be left on Best Sex Drugs the island for its defence from the Caribs, he was overjoyed, as were his subjects, who eagerly lent their assistance in building the fortress, little dreaming that they were assisting to place on their necks the galling yoke of Best Sex Drugs slavery. While the work of the fortress was rapidly Best Sex Drugs going on, Guacanagari treated.the Admiral with princely generosity. As Colu

mbus, on one occasion, was landing, the cacique met him, accompanied by five tributary chiefs, each carrying a coronet of gold. On arriving at his house, Guacanagari took Best Sex Drugs off his own crown and placed it on the head of the Admiral. Columbus presented, in male enhancement products advertised on porn sites return, a collar of fine coloured how to jizz far beads, his Best Sex Drugs mantle of cloth, a pair Best Sex Drugs of coloured boots, and placed on his finger a large ring of silver, which the Indians valued far more than gold. The cacique also exerted himself to procure a great quantity of gold. Columbus, by misunderstanding names and descriptions, formed the most magnificent idea Best Sex Drugs of the wealth of the interior of the island, and even in the red pepper which abounded he fancied Best Sex Drugs that he traced Oriental spices. He was thus led to believe that the shipwreck was provid. ential, as, had he sailed away, he should not have heard of its vast wealth. What in some spirits would have awakened a grasping Best Sex Drugs Best Sex Drugs penomet result consumer reports male enhancement gels reviews and sordid cupidity to accumulate, immediately filled his vivid imagination with plans of magnificent adwords male enhancement expenditure. To the fortress, which was of some size, and sufficiently strong to repulse a naked and unwarlike peopl

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e, Columbus gave the name of La Navidad, in memory of having escaped shipwreck on Christmas Day. He considered it very likely to prove most useful in keeping the garrison themselves in order, and to prevent them wandering about and committing acts of licentiousness among the natives. Of the numbers who volunteered he Best Sex Drugs selected thirty nine in all, among Best Sex Drugs whom was a physician, a ship s carpenter, a cooper, a tailor, and a gunner the command being given to Diego de Arana, notary.and alguazil of the armament, with Pedro Gutierrez and Rodrigo de Escobedo as his lieutenants, directing them to obtain all the information in their power. He charged the garrison to be especially circumspect in their intercourse with the natives, to Best Sex Drugs treat them with gentleness and justice, to be highly discreet in their conduct towards the Indian females, and, Best Sex Drugs moreover, not to scatter themselves, or on any account stray beyond the friendly territory of Guacanagari. On Best Sex Drugs the 2nd of January, 1493, Columbus bade farewell to the generous cacique and his chieftains, commending Best Sex Drugs those he left behind to their care. To impress the Indians with an idea

of the warlike prowess of the white man, after a banquet he Best Sex Drugs had given at his house, male sexual stimulant pills he ordered them to engage in mock fights with swords, bucklers, crossbows, arquebuses, and. cannon. Guacanagari shed anamax male enhancement price tears as he parted with Columbus, who, returning on board, two days afterwards set sail, the garrison on shore answering the cheers of their best herbs male enhancement comrades who were about to Best Sex Drugs return to their native land. The ship, being towed out Best Sex Drugs Best Sex Drugs of the harbour, they stood to the eastward, but were what does extenze pills do detained for two days by a contrary wind. On the 6th, a seaman aloft Best Sex Drugs cried out that he saw the Pinta. The certainty that he was right cheered the heart of Best Sex Drugs the Admiral and his crew. In a short time she Best Sex Drugs approached, can male enhancement drugs actually make your penis bigger and, as the wind was contrary, Columbus put back to a little bay west of Monte Cristo, where he was followed by the Pinta. Pi