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Maxidus Review thy holy touch is lying Upon the world s wide brow God like and grand all nature is commanding The peace that passes human understanding Maxidus Review I, also, feel it now. What matters it to night, if one life treasure I covet, is not mine Am I to measure The gifts of Heaven s decree By my desires O life for ever longing For some far gift, where many gifts are thronging, God wills, it may Maxidus Review not be. Am I to learn that longing, lifted higher, Perhaps will catch the gleam of sacred fire That shows my cross is gold That underneath this cross however lowly, A jewel rests, white, beautiful and Maxidus Review holy, Whose worth can not be told. Like to a scene I watched one day in wonde.r A city, great and powerful, lay under A sky of grey and gold The sun outbreaking in his farewell hour, Was scattering afar a yellow shower Of light, that aureoled With brief hot touch, so marvellous and shining, A hundred steeples on the sky out lining, Like network threads of fire Above them all, with halo far Maxidus Review outspreading, I saw Maxidus Review a golden cross in glory heading A consecrated spire I only sa

w its gleaming form uplifting, Against the clouds of grey to seaward drifting, And prolong male enhancement price in pakistan yet I surely know Beneath the seen, a great unseen is resting, For while the cross that pinnacle is cresting, An truths about male enhancement Altar lies below Night of Mid June, so slumberous and tender, Night of Mid June, transcendent in thy Maxidus Review splendour Thy silent wings Maxidus Review enfold And hush my longing, as at best male sex enhancement pills cheap max male enhancement thy Maxidus Review desire All colour fades from round that far off spire, Excep. t its cross of gold. MY ENGLISH LETTER When each white Maxidus Review moon, her lantern idly swinging, Comes out to join the top male enhancement and stamina pills star night watching band, Across the grey green Maxidus Review sea, a ship is bringing For me a letter, from the Motherland. Naught would I care to live in quaint old Britain, These wilder shores are dearer far to me, Yet when I read the words that hand has written, The parent sod more precious seems to be. Within that folded note I catch the savour Of climes that make the Motherland so Maxidus Review fair, Although I never knew the blessed favour That surely lies in breathing English air. Imagination s brush before me fleeing, Paints English pic

Maxidus Review

tures, though my longing eyes Have never known the blessedness of seeing The blue that lines the Maxidus Review arch of English skies. And yet my letter brings the scenes I covet, Framed in the salt sea winds, ay.e more in dreams I almost see the face that bent above it, Maxidus Review I almost touch that hand, so near it seems. Near, for the very grey green sea that dashes Maxidus Review Round these Canadian coasts, rolls out once more To Eastward, and the same Atlantic Maxidus Review splashes Her wild white spray on England s distant shore. Near, for the same young moon so idly swinging Her threadlike crescent bends the selfsame smile On that old land from whence a ship is bringing My message from the transatlantic Isle. Maxidus Review Thus loves my heart that far old country better, Because of those dear words that always come, With love enfolded in each English letter That drifts into my sun kissed Western home. CANADIAN BORN The following poems are from the author s second book, Canadian Born, first published in 1903. CANADIAN BORN We first saw Maxidus Review light in Canada, the land beloved of.God We are the pulse of C

anada, its marrow and its Maxidus Review blood And we, the men of Canada, can face the world and brag That we were born in Canada beneath the British flag. Few of us have the blood of kings, few are of courtly birth, But few are best retail male enhancement pills vagabonds Maxidus Review or rogues of doubtful name and worth And all have one credential that entitles us to brag That we were born in Canada beneath the British flag. We ve yet to make our money, we ve yet to make our fame, But we have gold Maxidus Review Maxidus Review and glory in our clean colonial name And every man s a millionaire if only he can brag That he was born in Canada beneath prime male bodybuilding the does phgh male enhancement work British flag. No title and no coronet is half so proudly worn As that which we inherited as men black rhino male enhancement reviews Canadian born. We count no man so noble as the one who chainsaw male enhancement makes the brag That he was born in Canada beneath the British flag. The Dutch may Maxidus Review ha. ve their Holland, the Spaniard have his Maxidus Review Spain, The Yankee to the south of us must south of us remain For not a man dare lift a hand against the men who brag That they were born in Canada beneath the British flag. WHERE LEAPS THE STE