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Male Extra Coupon Code re finishing up that.lacking patch there. Chapter 33 Mrs Morris s illness Male Extra Coupon Code takes a serious turnCabinet Officers Urge President to Disavow Violence to HerMr. Sheppard Criticizes the President and Republican Leaders Male Extra Coupon Code Try to Stop Him. Special to The New York Times. WASHINGTON, Jan. 10. Mrs. Male Extra Coupon Code Minor Morris, Male Extra Coupon Code who on Thursday was dragged from the White House, is tonight in a critical condition.She seemed to be on the road to recovery on Saturday, and her physicians held out hopes that she would be able to be out by Monday. At the beginning of this week her condition took an unfavorable turn, and she has been growing steadily worse. She had a congestive chill to day and has continued to grow worse. It is evident to night that her nervous system has suffered something approaching a collapse.The bruises inflicted upon her by the policemen have not disappeared, a striking evidence of their severity. Her arms, shoulders, and neck still bear testimony to the nature of her treatment. Mentally and physically she is suffering severely.It was learned to day that two Cabinet officers, one of w.hom Male Extra Coupon Code is Secretary Taft, have been laboring with the Presid

ent for two days to get him to issue a statement disavowing the Male Extra Coupon Code action of Assistant Secretary Barnes, who ordered Male Extra Coupon Code Mrs. Morris expelled, and expressing his regret for the way she was treated. They have also urged him to promise to take action which will make impossible the bathmate x40 vs x40 xtreme repetition hercules pump of Male Extra Coupon Code such erexin male enhancement an occurrence.The President has held out stoutly against the advice of these two Cabinet officers. He authorized Mr. Barnes to make the statement that he gave out, in which the treatment of Mrs. Morris was justified, and it is not easy libi boy male enhancement to take the other tack now. On high authority, however, it is learned that the two Cabinet officers have not Male Extra Coupon Code ceased their labors. They both look best male enhancement pill for sale on the matter not as a mere incident, but as a serious affair.The Morris incident was brought up in the House to day just before adjournment by Mr. Sheppard of Texas. Male Extra Coupon Code He was recognized for fifteen minutes, in the ordinary course of the debate on the Philippine Tariff Male Extra Coupon Code bill, and began at once to discuss the resolution he introduced Monda.y calling for Male Extra Coupon Code an investigation of the expulsion. He excused himself for speaking on the resolution at this time, saying that as it was

Male Extra Coupon Code

not privileged he could not obtain its consideration without the consent of the Committee on Rules.He went on to describe the incident at the White Male Extra Coupon Code House. He had proceeded only Male Extra Coupon Code a minute or two when he was interrupted by General Grosvenor, who rose to the point of order that the remarks were not germane to the Philippine Tariff bill. I will show the gentleman that it is germane, cried Mr. Sheppard. It is just as proper for this country to have a Chinese wall around the White House as it is to have such a wall around the United States. Well, if he thinks it is proper to thus arraign the President and his household, said Mr. Grosvenor, let him go on. If the President had heard the howl of a wolf or the growl of a bear from the adjacent offices, retorted Mr. Sheppard, the response would have been immediate, but the wail of an American woman fell upon unresponsive ears. There had been several cries of protest when General G.rosvenor interrupted Mr. Sheppard, many of Male Extra Coupon Code whose Democratic Male Extra Coupon Code friends gathered about him and urged him to proceed. They applauded his reply Male Extra Coupon Code to Mr. Grosvenor, and the Ohioan did not press his point. These unwarrantab

le and unnecessary brutalities, continued Mr. Sheppard, demand an investigation. Unless Congress takes some action we shall soon witness in a free republic a condition where citizens cannot Male Extra Coupon Code approach the President they have created without fear of bodily harm from arbitrary subordinates. Mr. Sheppard had nearly reached the close of his remarks Male Extra Coupon Code when Mr. Payne, the titular floor leader of the Republicans, renewed the Grosvenor point of order. Mr. Olmstead of Pennsylvania, vimulti male enhancement in the chair, however, ruled that with the House sitting in Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union, remarks need not be germane.Mr. Payne interrupted again, to stronger male ejaculation ask a question. Male Extra Coupon Code If a gentleman has the facts upon which to found his attack, he samurai x male enhancement pills said, does he not think the testogen review police court is the better place to air them The suggestion is a reflection upon the gentleman himself., although Male Extra Coupon Code he is a friend of mine, replied Sheppard.When the speech was finished Grosvenor got the floor and said he had been aware of the rules when he did not press his point. But I Male Extra Coupon Code made the Male Extra Coupon Code point, he continued, Male Extra Coupon Code merely to call do male enhancement pills work like viagra the attention of the young gentleman from Texas in a mild and