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Hard Erection Pills Review ch feasting and intoxication. If the deceased had met death by violence, whether in war or in peace, by treachery, or in some other way, the mourning habits were not removed, or the interdict lifted, until the sons, brothers, or relatives had killed Hard Erection Pills Review many others not only of the enemies and murderers, but also other persons, strangers, whoever they might be, who were not their friends. As robbers and pirates, they scoured the land and sea, going to hunt man and ki.lling all Hard Erection Pills Review whom they could, until they had satiated their fury. When this was done, they made a great feast for invited guests, Hard Erection Pills Review raised the interdict, and, in due time, abandoned their mourning. In all these practices may be clearly seen traces of the paganism and of those ancient rites and usages so magnified and recorded by noted writers, by which many other nations more civilized and, Hard Erection Pills Review perchance, some more barbarous than this one made themselves famous and deserving of mention. Certainly balsams, and the perfumes, not Hard Erection Pills Review only of ointme

nts and fragrant spices, but of best hcg drops herbs and odoriferous flowers, are all known to have been in most ancient use among the Greeks and Romans, and in the Hebrew commonwealth derived, perhaps, from intercourse with pagan peoples, as we read of it in the Hard Erection Pills Review grave and burial of King Asa. 93 The growth factor plus real reviews bathi. ng of the dead and of those who touched them is also found in Holy Writ and in accounts of the commonwealths of the Egyptians and Persians, and is practiced at the present day, among many nations also the custom of Hard Erection Pills Review placing best supplements for mental focus and energy food in their sepulchres, which is rebuked by St. Augustine. 94 Who does not know that the men and women hired as mourners are the mourners and singers whom the sacred authors so repeatedly mention and that, even male enhancement really work before the Hard Erection Pills Review commonwealth of the Hebrews was Hard Erection Pills Review established by God our Lord, the holy Job called upon those who were ready to fulfil this office best testo booster and to raise their voices in wailing Hard Erection Pills Review and lamentation for anyone who would hire them, to lament the day of his birth as if it Hard Erection Pills Review had been the

Hard Erection Pills Review

day of his death 95 This practice extended later to an infinite number of nations, especially to the Canaanites, wh.o formed their troop of singers and musicians, and, with much skill and effect, mourned the deceased, as they did at Sifara the mother beginning to intone a chant, which was then taken Hard Erection Pills Review up by those most learned and skilled in that office. 96 The Hard Erection Pills Review preservation of bodies, as far as possible, from corruption is a common practice among all those nations who desired Hard Erection Pills Review and attempted to perpetuate the memory of their dead by burning the bodies and preserving their ashes by erecting sumptuous mausoleums or pyramids in their estimation, eternal or by engraving in bronze or hard stone the names and deeds of their dead. Burial in the house of the deceased was a custom of the Ethiopians and burial at their gates, of the Persians. The adornment of the corpse with Hard Erection Pills Review jewels and rich garments was practiced by the Hard Erection Pills Review Hebrews, Hard Erection Pills Review Persians, and Ind.ians, and, before their time, by all the eastern Arabs o

f the age and country of holy Job they filled the best natural male enhancement their houses which were Hard Erection Pills Review rather their sepulchres than their abodes Hard Erection Pills Review with treasures of gold and silver. 97 The custom of placing in Hard Erection Pills Review the mouth of the corpse gold or other means for the purchase of necessities and, in particular, of a safe Hard Erection Pills Review passage, is much ridiculed by Lucian, in those ancients of triple xxx male sexual performance enhancement theirs negotiating for the boat and ferry of Charon and indeed Hard Erection Pills Review it served no other end than to Hard Erection Pills Review excite the covetousness of those who, to profit by the gold, opened the sepulchres and disinterred the dead as Hyrcanus and max plus male enhancement Herod desecrated the grave of David, and the Ternates did in Bohol, as we shall later see. 98 As for the banquets, they were precisely those which occurred Hard Erection Pills Review at the ancient festivals and funeral feasts rock on male enhancement reviews practiced by al. l countries and nations, sacred and profane. testro t3 male enhancement 99 The observance of silence seems to be what not only the profane writers meant by Hard Erection Pills Review summoning mortals to the shades and darkness, mute and silent but what the sacred writers intended in