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Buying Extenze fruits of those regions, although different from ours in species and form, have much the same flavor as the European.fruits. The palms, of which there are many and varied species, are the vineyards and olive orchards of that country. For beside the many other uses and advantages of this tree, it yields wine, vinegar, and oil in sufficient quantities not only Buying Extenze to supply that region abundantly, but likewise to ship and send away to other neighboring regions especially furnishing wine to Japon, Maluco, and Nueva Espana. The rigging of vessels is also manufactured from this tree. In fact, there is such an abundance Buying Extenze Buying Extenze of the materials necessary for the construction of ships that a vessel which is built in Nueva Espana or Peru in several years time for fifty or sixty thousand pesos, is constructed in the Filipinas in less than one year, and at a cost of less than eight thousand pesos. The cane is in itself another miracle, especially the kin.d called cauayan , the size and thickness of which are incredible. I shall not say what I have seen of that species Buying Extenze during fourteen years but one of our Society lately told Buying Extenze me in Lisboa, while discussing this subject, that in the river of London he

Buying Extenze had seen a vessel which had one of these Buying Extenze canes for a pump. In addition to Pliny, 45 the most ancient writer who Buying Extenze makes much mention of these canes, there are many moderns who testify to their size especially one who, from information received by those of his nation Buying Extenze who have coursed these seas to fda list of discontinued r51 male enhancement supplements our detriment and their own danger , has written an account of explosion male enhancement pills these canes and of other plants and fruits of that New World. Although this cane is so large, it is so easily worked that it is employed in whatever is needed for any of the uses of life from vessels and houses which can. be made from it in all their parts , its use extends to the pot and wood for cooking. It seems to me that Buying Extenze its uses could go no farther and in these best male enhancement device it corresponds, too, with what Pliny 46 writes of the reed and the papyrus particularly as within the hollow of the cane, there are membranes somewhat similar to beaten and glazed paper, on which I have at times written. In some of the canes where can i buy vmax male enhancement there is also Buying Extenze found enhanced male a juice or liquor which is drunk as a luxury. There is nothing especially remarkable in the fact that so much abundance should be deposited in the Buying Extenze hollow of these canes for, just as in other regions trees n

Buying Extenze

eed water, in the Filipinas some are found which furnish it acting as a perpetual fountain for a whole community, even though it may be on the apparently dry uplands. In all that locality there are no other spring.s than these trees. The method Buying Extenze which they employ for obtaining the liquid from the tree is to make some cuts or incisions in the trunk and the thicker branches and out of these is distilled and flows a clear, sweet water, in ample quantities. But, to return to the subject of the canes, it should be known that in our church of Manila were Buying Extenze erected two ladders, each of which had only two canes somewhat more than eight brazas in length the steps consisted of strips and slips cut from the said cane. They were used in decorating the church and each one would sustain at its top two or three men they were erected without any prop being Buying Extenze needed to sustain them. Each cane was at the lowest part about three palmos in circumference, which crosswise or in diameter would be about one palmo. 47 These ladders are well adapted to such.needs, for being, as they are, strong and yet hollow, they are not very heavy, or hard to move. From these canes they make Buying Extenze in China the Buying Extenze whips which with

three or four blows kill a man. To this abundance and fertility was added can you get a penis extension the proximity of China, India, Japon, Malaca, and Maluco. From China they not only began to ship their riches in increase volume of ejaculation silks and glazed earthenware, as soon as they learned of our Buying Extenze wealth of four and Buying Extenze eight real pieces but they Buying Extenze also stocked Buying Extenze the islands with cattle which have since multiplied there exceedingly and with horses and mares, and great stock the best penis growth pills farms have been established. The Chinese have also supplied provisions, metals, fruits, preserves and various Buying Extenze luxuries, and even ink and paper round yellow chinese male enhancement pill and what is of much more value there have come tradesmen of every calling all clever, skilful, and cheap, from penis girth enlarger ph. ysicians and barbers to carriers and porters. The Chinese are the tailors, the shoemakers, the blacksmiths, the silversmiths, sculptors, locksmiths, painters, masons and weavers in short, they represent all the trades of the community. Their labor is so cheap that a pair of shoes costs no more than two reals, and so many are made that they have been shipped even to Nueva Espana. From India, Malaca, and Maluco come Buying Extenze to Buying Extenze Manila male and female slave