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Best Male Performance Enhancer ons. Columbus leapt from his bed, but fell. A few of his faithful adherents gathered round him, whi.le the Adelantado sallied forth, lance in hand, to take the whole brunt of the assault. Columbus entreated that no blood might be shed, Best Male Performance Enhancer and told the mutineers that they might depart Best Male Performance Enhancer peaceably. Hearing this, they at once prepared for embarking in ten canoes, which had been purchased of the Indians. Many who had not taken part in the mutiny joined the deserters, and the whole set off along the coast. As they proceeded they landed and committed outrages upon the Indians, robbing them Best Male Performance Enhancer of their provisions and whatever else they coveted. As they did so they told the Indians that Columbus would pay Best Male Performance Enhancer them, and advised them to kill him if he did not. Reaching the eastern end of the island they put off, intending to stand across the gulf but a heavy sea Best Male Performance Enhancer arose, and fearing that their light canoes would be swamped, they threw.the helpless Indians, whom they had taken to paddle them, overboard. When some of the natives attempted to seize the gunwales and save themselves, the barbarians cut off their hands and stabbed them with the

ir swords. The deserters, on reaching land, took up their abode in an Indian Best Male Performance Enhancer village, the inhabitants of which they treated in their usual tyrannical manner. They then wandered from village to village, a dissolute gang, supporting themselves by robbery, and passing like a pestilence through the island. Columbus, meantime, feeding frenzy male enhancement review supported by conscious rectitude, devoted himself to relieving Best Male Performance Enhancer the sufferings of his sick companions who remained with him. The good faith with which he had ever acted towards the natives now produced a beneficial effect, and supplies of provisions were brought from Best Male Performance Enhancer time to male enhancement products advertised on porn sites time, which were sc. rupulously paid for. As, however, the trinkets lost their value, the Best Male Performance Enhancer supplies fell off, and at length entirely ceased. Every day Best Male Performance Enhancer the difficulty Best Male Performance Enhancer of procuring food increased, vaso ultra male enhancement and when any was brought, a ten volusperm times higher price than formerly all natural male stimulants was asked for it. The atrocities committed by Porras and his party had produced an injurious effect on the minds of the natives, even against the Admiral, and they hoped that, by withholding provisions, either Best Male Performance Enhancer to starve him and his people, or to drive them from the island. At

Best Male Performance Enhancer

this juncture Columbus ascertained that there would be a total eclipse of the moon in the early part of the night, and he, in consequence, conceived a device, which, according to the Best Male Performance Enhancer erroneous notions of those days, he probably considered a pious and excusable fraud. To make the natives believe in his superio.r powers, he invited Best Male Performance Enhancer Best Male Performance Enhancer the principal cacique and his followers to a conference, when he told them that the white men worshipped a great divinity, Best Male Performance Enhancer who would be displeased if his votaries were allowed to starve and, lest they should despise his warning, the moon would be ordered to change its colour and gradually Best Male Performance Enhancer lose its light that very night. Many of the Indians were alarmed, Best Male Performance Enhancer others treated the prediction with derision. When, however, they saw a dark shadow steal over Best Male Performance Enhancer the moon, seized with terror, they hurried to the ships, and entreated Columbus to intercede for them. He promised to do so, and, retiring to his cabin, waited until he saw that the eclipse was about to diminish, when, coming forth, he assured them that they would be pardoned, provided they fulfilled their promise, in sign of which he would withdraw

th. e darkness from the moon. The Indians once more seeing the planet Best Male Performance Enhancer shining brightly came with all reverence to Columbus to propitiate him with gifts, and from that time forward there was no lack of provisions. Many Best Male Performance Enhancer months went by, and at length more of his followers became desperate, tornado 2 male enhancement and another conspiracy was formed by health solution premium male enhancement patch an apothecary Bernado, who, with two confederates, designed seizing Best Male Performance Enhancer the remaining canoes, and making Best Male Performance Enhancer their way to how much does male enhancement pills cost Hispaniola. The mutiny was on the point of breaking out, when, just eight months after the truth about male enhancement supplements arrival of the two shattered barks in the harbour, a vessel was seen in the offing. She stood in and a what is the best male enhancement pills boat Best Male Performance Enhancer approached, in which was Diego de Escobar, a wretch who had been condemned to death by Columbus and pardoned by Bobadilla. Putting a letter on board for the Admiral from Ovando, he then withd. rew to a Best Male Performance Enhancer distance, and shouted